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Michael Frank Stitt スティット  マイケル   (19 August 1961-  ) is an Australian composer and Landscape Architect.   He is twice an award winning Landscape Architect. Michael is a self-taught musician, Sumi-e artist, and composer. Largely musically self taught, music has been an active and major influence in his life.  From an early age he was introduced to classical and popular works. 


At fourteen, Michael attended the King’s School, Sydney, with a passionate interest in the music, and especially his classical guitar lessons would see him turning the pages of the King's school chief music master, Keith Asboe, who played the school’s massive pipe organ. While not pursuing music as a mainstream subject, Michael studied the Classical guitar under Carol Britton. He undertook a Master class with guitarist, Ken Burns, at the Sydney Conservatism of Music, and undertook intermediate lessons at the Sydney Spanish Guitar Centre by various guitar teachers.  Some years later he enrolled in a Diploma in Musicology at the Canberra School of Music.  After working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2016, an opportunity was made available to spend three months studying a three stringed Japanese instrument, the Naguata Shamisen in Chofu City, Tokyo.


Michael performs his own music for many different Western and Japanese instruments, on both the Shamisen and Classical guitar.

Hibakujumoku 被爆樹木Suite for Piano - Spreading Seeds of Peace. Dedicated to Chiharu-San, a volunteer guide at Shukkei-en:

1.    被爆樹木 - 1. ユーカリ Eucalyptus melliodora (3:01)
2.    被爆樹木- ムクノキ The Muku Tree (Aphananthe aspera) - (6:11)
3.    被爆樹木 - 3クロガネモチ 3 x Kurogane hollys (Ilex rotunda) (6:52)
4.    被爆樹木 - イチョウ Ginkgo biloba (4:24)
5.    被爆樹木 - マルバヤナギ Pussy Willow - (Salix chaenomeloides) (2:22)
6.    被爆樹木 - マツ Japanese black pine - Pinus thunbergii (4:38)

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University.

The wandering mind of a monk. A monk raking sand in the Zen garden. さまよう思考の僧。 禅の庭で砂紋を掻き集める僧。


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